Monday, December 11, 2006

22 MGMT 714 001 Leadership and Organization Assignment: Reflection Logs November 13th, 2006 -01 Professor's feedback
Dec 10
Jason (Chen Chen) Wang:

Very good job with this journal. I believe it shows that you are thinking critically about the materials, however hollow you find them. Your request for a more “practice” oriented class is a good one, and if we had classes where most students had significant (3-5 years) of prior work experience that is what we would do (And it is what is more typical in our part-time MBA classes). But in a class like yours where only a few have any experience it doesn’t work well.
The discussions of the little cases showed how little work experience most of the students had. For many of your classmates, their only experience in working might be their college fraternity or a summer job. So they need the chance to learn the terminology, to have some time to just think about what it is in their future.

I'm glad you told me your feelings after telling me about your difficulty in keeping up in class discussions. It allows me to see that I didn’t communicate effectively. When I said talk to your teammates I was suggesting that taking time to talk about the readings in advance of class would give you additional time for “listening” and for seeing the multiplicity of ways that a discussion could go. The more you do this, the better you’ll get and the easier it will be for you to follow discussions. Language competence only comes by speaking and listening. A large measure of a manager’s competence comes from simply listening to employees and learning to find the “thread” in their always disjointed conversations. This is something that you only gain by practice, and that kind of practice is what this particular class did offer! And whether you find your experience in my class evidence of award winning teaching or not, the disrespect you showed by that comment does not suggest the restraint and patience a good manager will need.

Thanks for making contributions to class discussion. I thought your points added value and directed the conversation in important ways. I also must thank you for your information about Shandong. I was able to have good conversations with the representatives of Shandong University during their 2 day visit and, as you may know, we were able to sign agreements to develop joint degree programs. Good luck with the rest of your program. If I may be of service, please let me know.

Grade: A-
Course Grade:A-

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