Tuesday, December 12, 2006

22 MGMT 714 001 Leadership and Organization Assignment: Reflection Logs November 13th, 2006 -02 My Reply

Dear Prof. XXXXX,

I apologize if my journals have made you feel any bad. Though I didn't mean to write the journals to dis-respect anyone. Instead, I wrote them to reflect my thoughts and to earn some respect. I think so-called "reflection logs" is one of the ways that students communicate with professors. And what I wanted to express is that what you said meant a lot to me.

First, I was told that in the learning environment here in the United States, students can always discuss with the professors if they have any problems with the course. I did so but the answer disappointed me. Second, I felt dis-respected! I know my English skill is terrible and it was my personal problem that I couldn't get to understand the lecture. But I think that one of the reasons that international students would leave their countries to study in the United States is to learn better English and the American culture. Moreover, the reason the most of the MBA programs would accept international students is to develop the diversity in their programs. Third, the disrespect I felt made me re-think if it worths to pay this much money to study in this program.

Furthermore, I do think this course could be better if all the readings were able to be covered/discussed during the lectures. I do not regard myself as a conceited person just because of my working experience or anything. I have been expecting myself to be humble since there is always no ending for learning. Actually, most of the people in this class have either full-time or part-time working experience. The reason that I suggested that this course could be more practical is that I think being practical would be more convincing. Or else, just like what I said, all of the managers can claim their approaches work once they succeed. So whatever managerial skills we adopt seem not to be so important.

Last but not least, I am glad to know that my work about Shandong did help. I think I'm kind of the type of person who sometimes only needs a "Thank you". Thank you for your comment on my reflection logs and writing me this email. I think the email kind of cleared some misunderstanding came from our culture/language barrier. I did hate to do so many readings and writings in a foreign language. But at the very end, I did find some fun reading the articles and writing the journals. Those assignments do have improved my English in some ways. Theories are somewhat helpful as well. I have been wanting to read "Good to Great" and I think I'll spend some time on it during the winter vacation since the authour's articles/theories do interest me. The other thing is that I doubt if i'd ever read those stuff if I didn't take this course. Not to say writing so many pages journals. That's way far beyond my imagination before I came here.

Thank you again and may you have a nice winter vacation. (Merry X'mas and Happy New Year in advance too)

Chen-Cheng (Jason) Wang

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