Saturday, June 26, 2004

to kosit

kosit is a friend of mine that i've known for like yrs...but we've not seen each other since he left twn for college and stuff (SF->Beijing->Bkk,yes he's thai but he speaks chinese) till i visited him in Nov. 2003...and this is wut came out of my mind on the way flying back.....

The trip took us almost 10 yrs,
Finally we made it…
Finally we met again
Time flies but u don’t even change
Ur still sweet , as u used to be

Now I have no doubt with our friendship
Life’s a struggle though we still get to consist
In someday that we’ll have our world of fantasy

We're in the different city
Bangkok city , so many lies and so much heat
Taipei is cold now, I'm so lonely
Though we're searching for the same dream
Someone to lean on
And someone to believe

I felt so helpless when u were crying
I'm sad while departuring
U saw I looked just fine
It's because my heart was tearing

But now I know ! I do know it !!!
The distance between us is not so far
I will go whenever u need,
Since I can’t help nothing but company

No more tearing ! Be strong my man !
U might get nothing all the way but u still get me !

Tks for the treat and don’t drink too much man!!!
I need ur drive. =)


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