Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trouble shooting - Becker CPA lectures viewing shows "Error reading from file"

這是一份解決電腦問題的文件, 可以跳過去啦~ (用英文寫的原因是這套軟體是英文的嘛...)

這是今天下午遇到的一個問題, 在run一個軟體的時候發現Quicktime已經不支援Flash encoder了. 於是我的軟體便不能跑...一套兩千多塊美金的東西耶!

據說把該服務disable是因為安全性的問題. 但是從7.3.1版到現在7.4.5版了還沒辦法更新, 實在是很令人失望! 以前也曾經遇到這狀況, 改回舊的版本又會不支援iTune, 實在是很令人無言! 蘋果是不是又要走回老路子了? 前陣子也硬是把Safari放進iTune的更新package裡面, 難道又要開始強姦使用者?

幸好這次有成功了, 我也決定我在使用完這套軟體前不要再亂更新Quicktime了! 免得再遭無妄之災!

Some of you might have both iTune and Becker CPA Review installed in the computer and have been suffering from getting "Error reading from file" when you try to view a lecture.

The problem could be corrected according toBecker CPA Review FAQ website, " this error occurs becuase Flash playback is not enabled by default in QuickTime version 7.1.3". And it also provides the solution:

To correct this, open the Control Panel under Settings in the Start menu. Double-click the QuickTime Control Panel. Click on the Advanced tab. Check the box labeld "Enable playback of Flash track." Click OK.

However, since Quicktime 7.3.1, Apple ended Flash support inside QuickTime files, the "enable flask playback" checkbox doesn't show up anymore.

To solve this problem, some people were asking for Quicktime 7.3.0. After spending 10 min looking up for this version, I started to wonder if there is such a version at all. Here's is an easier way to solve this:

You can simply uninstall your current Quicktime, download and install Quicktime 7.2 here.(You might also want to download Security Update for QuickTime 7.2 for Windows here).

After installing Quicktime 7.2, follow the quoted solution above, then you're done! You will be able to use your Becker CPA Review and run your iTune(at least until iTune with this version of Quicktime. Ain't it neat?

Hope this helps!

Becker CPA Review FAQ
Flash 8 Emerging Issues
Apple Discussions: Topic : 7.3.1 ends Flash support inside QuickTime files
Apple Downloads


wen said...

Thanks for your sharing when I am at my wit's end to figure out how to play the lecture CD ONLY (not to mention Passmaster CD). I got my 2007 becker cpa review from ebay, so surely no software cd is provided. After reinstalling Quicktime 7.3, my lecture cd still has serious problems that they couldn't autorun, in other words, user has to click each file to finish one chapter. Even though checking the internet, no exact idea is searched. Have any ideas to cope with it?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the interesting information