Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bravo Cincinnati!!!

The Bearcats took down Southern Miss. and picked up their first 10-win season for Univ. of Cincinnati since 1951!

I would say you must be kidding if you've told me that we would be doing so well this year! Started with a 5-0, ended the regular season with a 9-3 and ranked No. 22 ESPN/USA Today, No. 20 AP, the UC Bearcats received the ticket to Bowl playing with Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle.

In the beginning of the game, Ben Mauk, QB of UC, seemed to be struggling from the Golden Eagle's D-line. After allowing Central Miss. to reach the first TD, he finally returned to normal, leading the Bearcats to a 31-21 victory over Southern Miss.

The coach, Brian Kelly, is also one of the key for Bearcat's success for this year. Hired from a Division II team after Mark Dantonio's leave, I initially had some doubts with this deal. Obviously, I was wrong!

Shouts to the Bearcat's Defense team! We wouldn't have done this without these solid defense performances!

Although this is truly an impressive season, I believe that it's just the beginning of the whole story. I can't wait for next NCAA football season!!! Go Bearcats!!!

[Game highlight]

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