Friday, December 29, 2006

Motion City Soundtrack and The All-American Rejects

Motion City Soundtrack
The Future Freaks Me Out (feat. All American Rejects)- Live in London, Nov. 2003

Haven't been to Punkrockvids.Com for a long while. One of my friends just told me that they have some video clips for iPod(mp4 format) now. Took a look at it and then I found this video!

Actually I've known this band,Motion City Soundtrack, for a while, just that I was not so impressed by their stuff. Instead, I was more interested in The All-American Rejects. But that's before they released their latest album, Move Along. I thought it was not as good as the previous one.(The All-American Rejects.

Yeah I admit that if you think that they are kind of sissy.(The keyboard guy!) And I'd say that Emo IS getting more and more sissy. But this live clip is soooooo good, especially when the vocalist from AMR came out, it was the bomb!

Actually I've watched this clip on my laptop and iPod for like..over 20 times since I downloaded it and I'm kind of getting sick of it already. Ha! But it's still nice to recommend.

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