Monday, May 07, 2007

ESL Podcast 筆記: 266 - Making a Move on Someone

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What was going on with you and Tiego today? 你跟Tiego怎麼啦?

Make a move on someone: show/express your romantic interest in someone(interest 對某事的介系詞要用in; Surprise 對某事的介系詞要用at, e.g.: Gloria is surprised at A.J.’s comment.)
Hit on someone= have a crush on someone(口語) 煞到某人, 跟make a move on someone不一樣的是make a move on someone是實際上(physically)有行動了, 但是hit on/ have a crush on只是”精神上(mentally)”煞到而已
- If you hit on a woman who is not interested in you, you might get hit.
如果你煞到一個對你沒有興趣的女人, 你可能會被打喔.

Cozy (adj.) = to be very comfortable舒服的; very close to someone else跟某人親近
-He is cozy sitting in the living room drinking coffee. (他很舒適的坐在客廳喝咖啡)
這個句子: He is cozy. 已經是一個完整的句子了(主詞加形容詞), 所以後面的sitting還有drinking變成動名詞修飾He is cozy. 所以後面有一個句子: I was upset messing up my presentation in my morning meeting. 這也是動名詞修飾前面形容詞子句的用法.

Mess up: 搞雜, make a mistake(這常用, 我把XX搞雜了)
Mess= something is not clean/dis-order
- My room is always a mess

Reassure (v.) = to comfort= to make someone feel better/less worried/ less scared about something 使放心
- A.J. was trying to reassure her about the presentation.
- I was very worried about missing my airplane, but my wife reassured me that we would make it to the airport on time.

Ridiculous= silly= absurd 可笑的
- Don’t be ridiculous/ silly. 別傻了.
- His idea is absurd.

Sexual harassment: 性騷擾, 這幾年在西方國家特別受重視, 政府會公司都會針對性騷擾特別訂定規範.
When you do something or say something, usually at work, that is considered inappropriate; something usually related to having a romantic or sexual interest in another person, but you do something that is against the rules; do something or say something that makes the person feel uncomfortable.
- I had to file a sexual harassment complaint against him before he stopped.

File這個字用法很特別, 一般我們會用到的就是拿來說歸檔, 但是像是報稅, 申報資料的動詞也都是用file.(有點像我們一般會用到的report了)
- Do you need to file a federal tax return? 你需要申報退稅嘛?
- Atmel plans to file its annual report to the SEC in April. Atmel計畫四月向SEC申報年報.

You are comparing apples to oranges. 你在拿蘋果跟橘子相比.(XX比雞腿, 差太多不能比) Compare two completely different things. Even though they are different, you are trying to say that they are the same.

Observant (adj.) = be aware of what is happening around you/ to be paying attention/ notice things around you. 觀察力敏銳的/ 敏感的. 在這裡意思是A.J. 說Gloria很遲鈍.
- You are not the most observant person.

Mark my words. = listen carefully to what I’m saying and remember this. 記住我的話. 通常會這樣說都是因為making prediction that something will become true in the future. (因為A.J.覺得雖然上次Paul的事情他猜錯了, 但這次他斷定他的觀察一定是對的, 也就是說 Tiego is really interested in Gloria!!! )

Flattered= to be happy or pleased to know that another person thinks you are good/pretty/smart/talented 高興/ 受寵若驚. 通常都是人家稱讚你, 然後你說: I’m flattered. 我受寵若驚!
- If he is interested, I’m flattered.

To have all the luck = to be very lucky/ fortunate 很好運
- That’s what all women say, some guys have all the luck.

Add insult to injury= to compound a problem (or set of problems) with further a problem or problems. 更糟的事情是…. 在這裡的意思是說, 不只是Tiego has a crush on Gloria, Gloria也覺得他不錯.

What can I say? (I have nothing to do with.) Gloria說如果Tiego真的對她有興趣, 那她也沒辦法. 算有點臭屁了, 我就是有吸引力啊, 如果他真的愛上我了我也沒辦法.